Storage box MUFFIK big pink


Storage box MUFFIK big pink

Are you looking for the most effective solution how to store MUFFIK Sensory floors? Do you need to keep them somewhere while you are not actively using them and at the same time, you would like to have a box that matches the colours or your child’s room?

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Storage box MUFFIK big pink

Then do not hesitate and buy a stylish MUFFIK storage box which you can use not only to store the floor but also as a stool.

The boxes were especially designed for the size of MUFFIK Sensory floors.
Dimension: 70x35x35 cm

Material: 100% polyester, MDF, 100% polypropylen, polyurethane foam

Weight: 3,8 kg

Load capacity: 30 kg


Designed for storing items and sitting! Don’t stand on the storage box!


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