MUFFIK Sensory Floor Mats – ECO set


Muffik sensory floors-ECO set

Do you care about organic products? Do you want to be environment-friendly?

This mat is the right one for you!

The ECO set contains a combination of our six hardest mats made of ECO material. This mat intensively massages every millimeter of the foot and maximizes blood circulation. The variety and hardness of the surface strengthens the foot, ankle, knee and mid-body.

In adults, it promotes venous gymnastics, which is important in the fight against thrombosis and varicose veins. Last but not least, it is suitable for foot reflexology, which relieves foot tension during prolonged standing and overloading of ligaments and tendons in the feet.

It also includes 3D types of mat that strengthen not only the feet, ankles, knees, and hips but also the deep muscles and deep stabilization system of the spine, which is essential for proper posture and healthy development.

But that’s not all. Sensory mats develop imagination, fine motor skills, coordination, spatial orientation, right-left orientation, and reaction speed.

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Muffik Sensory Floor Mats – ECO set

·      Strengthens the feet, ankles, knees, and the core

·      Eliminates in-toeing

·      Eliminates tiptoeing

·      Reflex massage

·      Acupuncture massage

·      Rehabilitation (PEC)

·      Stimulates the sole of the foot

·      Prevention and rehabilitation of flat arches

·      Strengthening the deep stabilization system of the spine

·      Strengthening the deep muscles

·      Venous gymnastics to prevent varicose veins and thrombosis in adults

Includes (6 pcs):

1x Coconut ECO

1x Logs ECO

2x Nuts ECO

2x Forest ECO

We have put together the sets in cooperation with physiotherapists and have discounted the price compared to individual pieces.

What do physiotherapists say? ‘Little is needed to bring your feet to life. Use them. Use them as they were designed (barefoot) and on the terrain originally intended for them (natural surfaces). Diversity is welcome, as well as walking on stones, grass, forest path.’ That’s what our set offers.


This mats are not anti-slippery.

Eco floor material: WPC (wood-plastic composite)

Dimensions 29.79 × 29.79 cm


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